Technical SEO Audit

Colorado Springs businesses often face a lot of intense competition for customers. When potential customers need your products or services, the first place they go for information is the internet. They head straight to Google’s search engine, type in a few keywords and click through to the first few companies. You definitely won’t get a call if your business is not at the top of that list. The problem is probably with your SEO, Search Engine Optimization, or all the website work that helps Google learn about your company.

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Technical SEO Colorado Springs

Let’s say that you have done your SEO homework, though, and your site is still not hitting the top of the list or, even worse, it has fallen down the list. Then your problem might be with technical SEO, the behind the scenes work that supports your website and makes sure Google can find it.

Technical SEO includes:
• The coding and markup data that help Google understand your content.
• Steps taken to optimize indexing, like correcting broken links.
• Making sure the website operates at the fastest speed possible.
• Using mobile-friendly website design to assist prospects who use smartphones to search for local businesses near them.

Why Does Technical SEO Matter?

If your business website is not pulling in the customers you want, technical SEO audits are used to help find the culprit and make sure the most important pages are indexed properly. Did you know there is such a thing as a Google penalty for negative SEO practices? Google assesses websites for ranking purposes through search algorithms and manual reviews. If they find something that does not meet their Webmaster Guidelines, you could experience a drop in rankings and associated website traffic.

Top Google Penalties

Unethical SEO practices: An underhanded way to impact search rankings, like cloaking, or showing different pages to Google than site visitors.
SEO practices by under-qualified SEOs: Some “SEO specialists” simply do not have the expertise or knowledge needed to fully optimize your website SEO.
Negative SEO: Unethical practices by a competitor to lower rankings for your website.
Link scheme violations: Trying to manipulate results by artificially generating outside links to a site, or adding an unseemly amount of outgoing links from the site.
Hacked website: Competitors may attempt to inject spam or malicious code into your site, which could show up in search results saying that your site has been hacked.
On-page SEO spam: In an attempt to raise search engine rankings, some webmasters try to cram every SEO tool into every component of every page. This actually does more harm than good.

Technical SEO Audit

Technical SEO Audits

SEO audits can find and show you how to fix technical SEO problems that can lead to loss of search engine rankings. Tactical SEO Consulting offers a Complimentary SEO Consultation and a free custom web design as part of any SEO package. Call (719) 358-3613 or email to learn more about getting to the top of the searches with our full technical SEO audit in Colorado Springs, CO.

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