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Things are always changing in the digital marketing realm as new technologies develop and strategies fall in and out of style. Over the past few years, SEO copywriting has emerged as an important strategy with proven results. But what is content marketing, and why should your business be using it?

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Content Marketing 101

At its core, content marketing is a strategy of creating and promoting high-quality SEO content that helps to educate and entertain your target audience.

Instead of pushing a hard sell, the point of content marketing is to engage with your audience so that they convert into customers out of a sense of trust and connection. For this reason, authenticity is key. These customers can become repeat customers, or even act as brand advocates if they continue to trust you and feel your content is worth sharing.

SEO and Content Marketing

A good content marketing strategy can support your search engine optimization (SEO) campaign by ensuring your website features highly relevant SEO content that utilizes your target keywords and is updated regularly. Great content helps your page rank better, which means more people can find your great content, and so on. Content marketing also involves establishing a consistent web presence – another important factor in establishing credibility with search engines.

Forms of Content Marketing

Content marketing can take place using any channels through which you interact with potential customers. Most strategies begin with blogs, email lists, web pages, and social media platforms, as these channels can work together to ensure your content is distributed across the web and to your different target audiences.

Web Pages and Blogs

In addition to helping SEO performance, a well-crafted web page can be utilized in content marketing when targeting audiences interested in the page subject. Meanwhile, blogs are a great way to share your expertise, discuss industry news, or focus on local developments, such as a press release or events.

Social Media

Social media is a great tool for distributing your content. Depending on the platform, you can share links to your web pages and blogs, or more visual items like images and videos. Social media allows you to connect directly with people following your profile, who can then amplify the impact of your content by sharing it with their network. This can be a powerful way to uncover new potential customers.


Email lists can be an effective way of communicating with an audience who have already expressed interest in staying connected. You can create a newsletter or share a link to your most recent blog. The important thing is to focus on quality so that people want to stay subscribed.

Content marketing has emerged as a vital supporting component for SEO campaigns. In addition to helping improve search result rankings for your website, a successful content marketing strategy can help generate quality leads and higher retention rates than pay-per-click advertising because customers trust your business, are interested in your products and services, and can easily find you again on the web.

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