Explore the Benefits of SEO Consulting In Gilbert Az

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a critical part of your digital marketing toolbox. Your online advertising efforts only matter when they are driving leads to your medical establishment and if they’re not, you have a money sink.

You need strategic, online SEO presence to capture potential customers who are ready to make a buying decision. For businesses, this requires a specific skill set. Here’s why Tactical SEO Consulting is your Chandler SEO partner.

3 Types of SEO That Are Crucial To Your Long-Term Ranking Success

There are many different ways you can optimize your website design, navigation, and content to achieve maximum results. Anything you do on or off your website to increase your brand’s visibility in search results can be considered SEO.

It’s important to understand that optimizing your website for search is an ongoing process. It’s not something you do once and complete, but rather, a lifetime strategy that shifts and evolves with the needs of your target market. These three types of SEO are crucial to your medical organization’s long-term ranking success:

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Technical SEO

Back-End Technical Changes Designed For Today’s Sophisticated Search Engines

Technical SEO for businesses involves making changes to the back end of a website to help search engines crawl and categorize their pages more easily. Tactical SEO Consulting evaluates each piece of your technical optimization strategy and refines it to generate the best possible results. We:

  • Make changes to your website architecture, navigation, or design to drive conversions
  • Decrease website and image load times
  • Disavow low-quality backlinks to your site that penalize you
  • Remove page errors and broken links
  • Implement a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
  • Establish your XML sitemap
  • Create mobile-friendly webpages
  • Ensure your website can be indexed by search engines

On-site SEO

Front-Facing Optimization Makes Websites More Searchable & Engaging

On-site SEO, often called on-page SEO, is a network of tactics used to optimize how the pages of your website appear to search engines and your target audience. Our team will look at multiple elements of your site to appeal to both search bots and human users, like:

  • Meta title and description optimization
  • Adding valuable internal and external links
  • Adding keyword-rich subtitles and content
  • Optimizing image ALT tags
  • Shorten URLs for easier navigation
  • Utilizing structured data markup

We help Gilbert, Arizona businesses stand out from their competitors with tailored on-page optimization strategies that are designed to maximize their digital marketing budget.

Off-site SEO

Expand Your Businesses Digital Presence Across the Web

Off-site or off-page SEO refers to any optimization that occurs outside of the website being optimized. Most of these efforts are focused on creating high-value, credible backlinks from authoritative websites to yours. Other off-site SEO strategies that Tactical SEO Consulting employs for businesses include:

  • Creating robust social media and business directory profiles
  • Helping to cultivate fresh, high-quality customer reviews every month
  • High-value directory submissions (e.g., the Better Business Bureau and/or your local Chamber of Commerce)
  • Curating and facilitating guest blogging opportunities
  • Publishing newsworthy press releases for grand openings, new products, etc.
  • Posting consistent, high-quality content to multiple branded social media channels

Brands today need to take their digital presence into valuable community spaces across the web to keep up with their competition and continue meeting consumers where they are. From Facebook to Yelp, your company should have a complete profile on the most-used platforms.

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Get onto page 1 of Google Guaranteed

Our unique SEO process guarantees that our clients get onto page 1 of Google or we will work for FREE until we do. When you follow Google’s best practices for SEO you will be able to start ranking in less time and will out rank your competitors with much more efficiency. The optimization methods we use have been proven to be effective at boosting page ranks and driving lead conversions.

Local businesses in Gilbert, AZ have to work hard at getting their content to consumers online before their competitors. Tactical SEO Consulting helps companies deploy effective optimization strategies that allow them to successfully climb in rank. Your business’ continued growth depends on establishing a reliable stream of motivated leads who are ready to make a purchase, and we can help you get there.

Powerful Marketing & SEO In Gilbert, AZ

Tactical SEO Consulting drives powerful lead generation with the most recent search engine optimization strategies available. As a top provider of SEO in Chandler, we are dedicated to helping our clients achieve maximum results with their digital marketing campaigns.

Our custom-built Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software makes streamlining your advertising efforts easier and allows you to access the critical metrics you need to make important decisions about your marketing strategies.

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