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Having a website is about more than the nuts and bolts of SEO. Your site is the hub for your online marketing efforts. Everything you do in the digital world, from social media marketing to PPC campaigns, blogging, and content marketing, should tie back to your website. If you want the ideal website that easily converts leads into customers, our Colorado Springs web design company is at your service.

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Visitors must find it easy to use, compelling, informative, and engaging. From the homepage to individual service pages, FAQs, and more, every element must be designed to move leads through the sales funnel, to ultimately convert them into a customer.

Your website is more than just a digital business card or flyer. It’s an extension of your brand and an essential tool for achieving success in the modern world. However, designing and creating an ideal Colorado Springs website requires more than just an understanding of your audience.

As an experienced Colorado Springs web design company we take every tiny detail into account to design top-notch websites that convert. 

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Web Development in Colorado Springs Begins with Your Vision and Strategy

Take a look at the top websites today, and you’ll find that they have many (unfortunate) things in common:


  • They’re often designed as digital business cards or placeholders with little real information and no answers for their audience.
  • They’re usually designed without an underlying strategy that combines an in-depth understanding of modern SEO with knowledge of UX design and how critical it is to deliver original, informative, compelling content.
  • They lack the right structure to rank well in Google searches or to encourage search engine spiders to crawl the pages and index them correctly.
  • Their internal and external linking structures are incorrect, if they have any kind of linking structure strategy in the first place.
  • Their images are missing alt tags and their pages are missing meta tags and descriptions.
  • Their content is poorly optimized, or it’s optimized using the wrong keywords and keyword phrases.

The upshot here is that your website is invisible to organic searches. Sure, you might be able to drive traffic with a PPC campaign, but that does little good in the long run and will ultimately cost you a ton of money. Organic SEO is essential to capture people in your area searching for you product or services.

This all begs the question – what does a winning website look like? What steps should be taken to ensure visibility in the SERPs and not just through PPC ads and other paid options? As top experts for SEO & web development in Colorado Springs, we understand what it takes to ensure your local company is as visible through organic search. 

Web Design SEO Best Practices

As the owner or manager of a thriving business, your livelihood hinges on how well and how quickly your website ranks with Google. Achieving this goal requires you to be aware of Google’s latest on-page SEO recommendations and to ensure that you update your  website to comply with Google’s technical recommendations.

 Staying abreast of the latest developments in the SEO landscape is not easy for a busy Colorado Springs company. Fortunately, Tactical SEO Consulting has the expertise and resources to give you the edge you need to surpass your competitors. Below is a look at the specific ways that our on-page SEO specialists will help you drive more traffic to your website by ensuring that your on-page SEO reflects Google’s latest recommendations.

Domain-Level On-Page SEO

At Tactical SEO Consulting, our comprehensive on-page SEO process begins at the domain level. We begin with a thorough analysis of your website to determine how well your roofing website is optimized for Google. Then, we perform the following critical activities to optimize your domain:

1) Confirm Your Preferred Domain

Your preferred domain is the domain you wish to use to index the pages on your roofing website. It is also the version that you would like to use for search results. Common examples include https:// or https://www. Our team will review your website and help you establish your preferred domain based on your content and target audience. We will then use that information for future indexing and crawls.

2) Optimize Canonical URLs

Poor canonical URL optimization could be hampering your SEO. If canonical URLs have duplicated URLs pointing to similar content, search engines may mistake the content on your URL for duplicate content. If this occurs, Google may not respond favorably and your website’s ranking could drop. At Tactical SEO Consulting, we know how to detect canonical URLs and code them properly to help you avoid this pitfall.

3) Generate and Optimize Robots.txt

When Google crawls your website, they first search for a robots.txt file at your domain root. When the file is found, they review the file’s list of directives to detect any that are blocked from crawling. At Tactical SEO Consulting, we improve this process by optimizing your robots.txt file to promote precise crawling. We can also generate a robots.txt file for your website if you do not have one.

4) Establish Targeted Locations 

A targeted top-level domain (TLD) can become one of the most valuable tools in your SEO arsenal – especially if your business is based outside the United States. Our Colorado Springs team will analyze your website and audience to help you establish international or country-specific targeting to help your business gain positioning during a search.

5) Screen for Google Penalties

Google reserves the right to penalize websites that violate its Webmaster Guidelines. These penalties can kill your efforts to drive traffic to your website. We will screen for algorithmic and manual penalties that can hinder your SEO and take the steps necessary to address these penalties.

6) Optimize XML Sitemaps 

Our team will work to ensure that there are no errors when your sitemaps are crawled. We achieve this goal by generating or recreating XML sitemaps to make sure that they are automatically updated when you add, remove, or edit website content.

7) Identify Duplicate Pages

Duplicating content on your website can harm your SEO, especially if it was placed to manipulate search engines. We will screen your website to detect duplicate pages and remove them from your site.

8) Address 404 Errors and Create 301 Redirect Pages

Broken links can frustrate prospective customers by leading them to pages that do not exist. We have the expertise to identify error pages and eliminate them from your site. Additionally, we can create a 301 redirect page, which will reroute traffic from an outdated URL to a valid URL.

9) Detect Orphan Pages

Also known as standalone pages, orphan pages are those pages that users are unable to find during a website visit. They lack website links and can be detrimental to the health of your website. Our team knows how to identify and remove these pages from your site.

10) Improve Your Website Structure

Smooth website navigation is critical to potential online customers who are searching for your business. Our team will analyze your URLs to ensure that they meet or exceed the latest SEO standards related to navigation.

Site-Level On-Page SEO

Site-level on-page SEO is important because it relates to your website’s responsiveness and loading speed on desktop and mobile devices. Loading speed is more important than ever to your website because Google recently recommended that websites should take no longer than two seconds to load. Failure to heed these recommendations could hinder your website’s Google ranking. Here are three steps that we take to enhance your site level on-page SEO:

1) Analyze mobile responsiveness 

The majority of today’s online searches for local Scottsdale businesses are conducted with a smartphone, tablet, or other mobile device. We will analyze your website to ensure that your website is responsive and compatible with today’s leading mobile devices, including iOS and Android.

2) Optimize your website’s speed

Nearly one-half of all website visitors will abandon your website if it does not load within two seconds. We will analyze the loading time of your website from desktop computers and mobile devices to confirm that your website loads quickly and complies with Google recommendations for loading speed. Slow loading speeds can be caused by any number of issues, including server-side problems, unoptimized images, and more. We help you get to the bottom of the issue and create a lightning-fast website that delivers a great user experience.

3) Analyze your mobile usability

At Tactical SEO Consulting, we work hard to ensure that your mobile usability index score is as high as possible. We will analyze your mobile usability and suggest changes to help your company’s website earn the best index score. Not convinced that you need to worry about mobile visitors? Consider the fact that since 2017, mobile use has outpaced desktop and laptop access. There’s also the fact that Google mandates your website be mobile accessible and will actively downgrade your position in the SERPs or blacklist your site if you fail to comply.

Page-Level On-page SEO

Page-level SEO is vital to the success of your company’s website because it serves as the foundation for crawlers that find and index your pages on SERPs. This process begins with the creation of meta content and ends with the placement of content on your website. Below are the steps that the Tactical SEO Consulting team takes to optimize your web pages according to the latest industry standards.

1) Create and optimize meta content

The first step in page-level on-page SEO is to create meta content that will draw prospects to your website. This is the content that’s shown to searchers beneath each organic search result, and should be optimized with keywords, but also written to help searchers understand what information they will find on each page. We are experts at creating titles and descriptions that use targeted keywords that will attract people in need of roofing services to your site.

2) Conduct keyword research and mapping 

Once your meta content is in place, Tactical SEO Consulting will conduct comprehensive keyword research using Google Keyword Planner and other cutting-edge tools. We will identify keywords based on your industry, your company’s location, and your competitors within your local industry. We will then map those keywords to the proper pages on your site.

3) Optimize keyword density

Achieving optimum keyword density is important because it prevents your web pages from overusing or under-using keywords. Overusing keywords, also known as “keyword stuffing”, can result in Google penalties, while under-using keywords can negate your SEO efforts.

4) Integrate schema

Also known as rich text, schema is an important part of on-page SEO because it is a frequently used code for search engines to identify common web page elements such as reviews, industries, people, and ratings. Our team specializes in schema integration for local companies.

5) Develop header tags

Properly optimized header tags are the cornerstone of stellar page-level on-page SEO. We will develop and optimize H1 and H2 tags by featuring the keywords that will motivate your target audience to seek your services. Of course, it’s not just about making your page content look nice. Headers play a vital role in ADA-compliance and website accessibility. Google is putting more and more focus on accessibility and using headers helps make sure that everyone can access your site’s content. 

6) Repair scripts 

Our team of on-page specialists will detect any scripts that are currently blocking crawlers and repair them. We use Fetch as Google and other leading tools to accomplish this task, thereby priming your web pages for increased traffic.

7) Enhance multimedia content 

A growing number of Scottsdale companies are including videos, presentations, and other multi-media content on their websites. There are plenty of reasons for this – video content is the most frequently consumed type of content online. Images are much more engaging than plain text. Graphics such as infographics are more likely to be shared on social networks than text content, too.

However, while incorporating video and other multimedia content is an effective strategy, you will not achieve optimal results unless you include the right keywords and tags for your content. Tactical SEO has the resources to help you with this important task. Not only can we help ensure that your content is SEO-friendly and geared to help boost your visibility in the SERPs, but we can also help optimize it to ensure faster page load times.

8) Feature outbound links

Many of the largest and most sophisticated websites include outbound links with the appropriate no-follow tags. This means that the links are not crawled by Google and do not contain a page rank value. Our team will ensure that your outbound links feature the proper no-follow tags. 

This is a critical part of your linking strategy. Both inbound and outbound links are vital for establishing authority in the eyes of Google, as well as with your website visitors. We can help create a successful linking strategy tailored to your unique needs. 

9) Optimize written content

We recognize how vital high-quality content is to on-page SEO. We will carefully review your page content to ensure that your content is valuable to people who need roofing services. After all, if your content doesn’t actually answer their questions, it offers no value. 

Google will recognize this and downgrade your rank in the SERPs. Additionally, we will eliminate duplicate content and make sure that your content features the proper primary keyword and secondary keywords.

10) Optimize images

Our team realizes that optimizing images is just as important as optimizing your written content. We will help your images stand out and drive traffic to your web pages by including the appropriate alt tags and optimizing images for faster load times.

11) Focus on Overall User Experience

User experience has become one of Google’s most critical requirements. If your company website doesn’t deliver an optimum experience, it will be downgraded in the SERPs and less visible to leads through an organic search. What is user experience, though? How does Google even measure something like that?

User experience, often abbreviated as UX, is a measure of how enjoyable and easy to use your website is for the average visitor. This includes every single thing a user experiences on the website, from the time they land on the homepage or landing page to the time they click the contact button or bounce out.

Every aspect of your site ties into this experience, from the underlying style and layout of the site as a whole to the font you use, the size of your content blocks, the images you use, and more. If you’re not able to deliver a positive user experience, visitors will leave with their questions unanswered and Google will penalize you for this.

The answer? Begin your website design with an understanding of your audience, but also a professional design that incorporates SEO best-practices in a way intentionally designed to deliver an ideal experience. Think about your visitors, not just about your company.

What do they want? What brings them to your site? What questions do they need answered? What do they expect to do?

Use the answers to these questions to inform your overall site design, layout, and functionality.

Achieving Success: Designing a Company Website 

Creating a compelling, successful website involves a lot of moving parts. SEO, content creation, in-depth keyword research, and an in-depth understanding of your customers and what they expect when visiting your website are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

In addition to exceptional content and keyword optimization, you also need easy to use navigation, the right layout and design, compelling images, and deep knowledge of on-page and off-page SEO elements that help make your site more visible in the SERPs. Each of these elements must serve the overall purpose of the website – guiding website visitors from their initial landing point through the funnel and encouraging them to reach out through text, chat, phone, or email.

Web Development Colorado Springs: Frequently Asked Questions 

At Tactical SEO Consulting, we’ve worked with companies all over the U.S. to design successful, high-performing websites that rank well in Google searches while delivering the best possible user experience. During our years in business, we’ve encountered some pretty commonly asked questions. We thought it would be helpful to run down some of the most frequently asked questions regarding website development:

1.What’s the best website builder for my website?

We don’t recommend using website builders for several different reasons. In most cases, they create poorly designed websites with bad structures that ultimately downgrade your rank in the SERPs. We recommend having your company website professionally designed to ensure compliance with best practices, the right underlying structure, and clean code without bugs or issues.

2.What’s the best website theme for local businesses?

As with website builders, we don’t recommend using a theme or template, either. There are several reasons for this. First, other companies have used the same theme, so even if you change colors and tweak the fonts, your sites will look very similar. Second, there’s no guarantee that those website themes or templates don’t have malicious code that could compromise your customers’ information.

3.What are the best SEO practices for my local website?

Website SEO best practices evolve. Some of the most important current ones to consider include the following:

  • Use your blog to deliver important information that answers visitor questions, not just to talk about your company.
  • Use video to highlight projects showing before and after, but also the installation or repair process.
  • Use lots of high-quality images that show all aspects of your business or service. If you sell products have high quality professional photos.
  • Include social proof elements, such as customer reviews and testimonials.
  • Use a quote form or contact form on every page of the website so customers never need to navigate to another page to reach out.

4.Why should I hire an SEO company for my website? 

It’s all about expertise, experience, and knowledge. We want you to be able concentrate on your business because your the experts. Would you hire someone to run your business that has NO experience? You want the best and that is why most people vet out the most trusted experienced professionals. The same concept applies to website design.

When success matters, you turn to the professionals – Tactical SEO Consulting, #1 agency for SEO and web design in Colorado Springs!

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