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Paid search advertising can only take your website so far. With less than half of web users clicking on text ads, it’s more important than ever before to rank well in organic search results to stay competitive. A seasoned expert for SEO consulting in Colorado can help you develop a solid SEO strategy designed to boost your rankings (and your bottom line).

What Is Local Search Engine Optimization?

SEO, or search engine optimization, is the process of making strategic changes to a website for the purpose of boosting organic (unpaid) search results. When you rank higher for industry-related keywords, it’s easier for new customers to find your business. However, it’s not something you do once and check off your digital marketing list. Typically, SEO is ongoing as search engine algorithms become more advanced and user behavior changes.

SEO Consulting Services for Your Colorado Business

At Tactical SEO Consulting, we offer a wide variety of comprehensive SEO services designed to help your website rank higher:


SEO Audits

To know where to set your goals, it’s important to understand where you are at present. We perform a thorough audit of your website’s current SEO and identify areas where immediate improvements can be made.



Keyword research and analysis can be overwhelming, especially for those not well versed in digital marketing tactics. We identify the most valuable keywords in your niche based on industry data and user behavior and make recommendations on how to best use target keywords to improve your search engine optimization.



To know where to set your goals, it’s important to understand where you are at present. We perform a thorough audit of your website’s current SEO and identify areas where immediate improvements can be made.


SEO Strategy

Once we’ve identified several action items to improve your SEO, we’ll develop a unique strategy designed specifically for your business. It may include a mixture of offsite SEO and on-page keyword optimization along with other changes that will make the most impact on your rankings.



If your website needs a design overhaul, it’s important to involve a qualified Scottsdale SEO expert from the start. Certain design elements can impact both SEO and conversion rates, and it’s much more difficult to go back and fix SEO mistakes embedded in the design than to have an SEO expert work with your designer to create an optimized website design.



If you have SEO recommendations ready to go, we can help you get them implemented. Any time you make a change to your website, it has the potential to affect the way search engines crawl and rank your site. We’ll help you implement SEO strategies without losing rankings.


Why SEO Is Worth the Investment

Your website’s SEO directly affects its search rankings, which in turn impacts your website traffic and lead generation efforts. Good SEO isn’t often cheap, and you should think twice about implementing a cheap SEO service. An inexperienced SEO consultant can do more harm than good and cause you to be penalized by search engines for black hat or spammy SEO techniques. Since your website’s SEO plays such a significant role in your company’s bottom line, quality SEO analysis and strategy is well worth the investment.

How to Find a Qualified SEO Consultant in Colorado

Before you hire an SEO consultant, take some time to vet them first. Check out their education and experience and have a one-on-one conversation with them. Ask questions about the process and get a feel for how the consultant responds to you. Look for an SEO expert who is eager to help you and explains complex technical concepts in a way that you can understand. Avoid hiring a green consultant without enough education or experience in the digital marketing industry.

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At Tactical SEO Consulting, we are proud to offer our valuable clients with comprehensive SEO strategies that are proven to work. We specialize in the following verticals: medical, roofing, tree removal, land clearing, auto, home improvement, and construction , but can work with any business to develop a winning SEO plan. We are also one of the only companies that provide a complete SEO solution where we give deploy our exact blueprint. We will walk you through our entire SEO process, give you our vendor list, software tools, and will personally set up your campaign with you looking over our shoulder to see this exact process! 

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