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If you are a business owner in Chandler, Arizona, Tactical SEO Consulting ,  is a fundamental tool in your overall online marketing toolbox. For a modern-day business, digital marketing is only as effective as the search results you are receiving and the leads you are generating through those efforts.

We are a local SEO company that specializes in customer management and lead generation. Our goal is to put immediate strategies in place quickly, and while we support a wide range of industries, we have a unique specialty in the medical space.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is directly connected to attracting new customers/patients/clients and driving traffic to your specific website. By increasing the number of unique visitors to your strategically designed website and content, you are setting your business up for more leads and sales conversions. If you are looking into Chandler lead generation, SEO is the best place to start.

Our process guarantees a minimum of sixty leads monthly for our clients, and our methods directly impact and support increased search engine results page positions and click-through rates. This ensures that your customer and consumer base in Chandler, Arizona, knows what your business is, how to contact you, what services you provide, etc. immediately above the competition.

When a potential customer uses the internet to search for a service or product, they are not going to scroll through an extensive list of the results that appear. Odds are they are going to click on the first and most relevant option, so if your business is not at the top of their search results page, you’re going to be overlooked.

Local businesses need to stand out and with so many options for customers, having the correct SEO in place is critical for the continued growth of a company (and its bottom line).

If you are less familiar or less comfortable putting your own SEO strategies in place, do not worry. Our company supports all levels of marketing experience and we’re here to help you make the best decisions to achieve the best search results.

We are also here to help you think through your current marketing strategy and can help you think outside the box, put new ideas in place, or even experiment with a new strategy. Data drives our process, so if you also need help analyzing and making sense of the data our team is here to support your needs.

You are not alone when it comes to maximizing your online potential, so why not invest in the services you need from a local company you can trust?

Lead Generation Through Our Custom Built CRM

Business owners and office managers do not need to spend hours generating leads through cold-calling and other outdated marketing methods. We can help businesses navigate the realm of strategic lead generation through our own in-house Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software.

This software is designed to be customized for your business, and we’ve embedded an entire workflow to make the process quick and simple to put in place. We can also provide every company with customized Chandler web design, built along with unique SEO so they can track their rankings in their geographic location, among other things.

Plus, we have tested it out on our own business and have made adjustments to the software based on our experiences. We personally started our own medical clinic specializing in hormone therapy, IV therapy, peptide, and weight loss and managed our lead generation through developing this software. In less than six months, we were able to generate over $50K in recurring revenue utilizing the same methods we are promoting, and we want your business to benefit from what we’ve created.

We’ve spent countless hours refining the software and have taken the guesswork out of the process. Our goal is to provide a software system that can be implemented quickly so you can get customers into your sales pipeline just as fast.

Our system also includes data tracking and best practices so you can have a visual on every dollar and every metric you need to measure success and results.


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