Local Denver SEO Consultants

If you have a small to medium size business, you may not be able to compete with other national brands that are similar to yours online just yet. Broad keywords have stiff competition, and often, smaller businesses don’t have the marketing budget to pay for hefty search engine marketing and pay per click ads. Tactical SEO Consulting provides local SEO strategies so that you can dominate your local market, bringing more customers to your door than ever before.

What Does Local SEO Denver Mean to You?

Local SEO Denver

Local SEO uses similar tactics to national SEO, but with a tighter geographical focus. If, for example, you are a locally owned and managed pet store in Denver Colorado, this type of SEO would narrow down your target audience to those who lived in your area. Instead of optimizing your web pages and blog posts for key words and phrases like “how to train a dog” or “best food for kittens,” you might optimize your web pages and blog posts for “buy cat food in Denver” and “Denver dog grooming.”

Why Is Local SEO Important?

Google has made it well known that it favors local SEO. This is because users are often searching for businesses near them, and with GPS, Google is able to tell what businesses are closest to the user. If, for example, a person living in Springfield searches for “pet food near me,” Google would list the pet stores in the area who are most likely to sell pet food (a determination that Google makes using complicated algorithms). However, if a Springfield pet store doesn’t optimize for local keywords, Google won’t know that the particular store is A) in Springfield, or B) sells pet food. So the store won’t show up in local searches and the user will likely find another pet store near them that meets their needs.

Maps & Google Plus

Getting your business verified by Google and put on Google maps and in Google plus can be a significant step towards helping your business to rank higher in local search results.

What Mobile Search Means for Your Business

The far majority of people in today’s society own smartphones and use them for just about everything. Whether they’re listening to music, browsing Facebook, or searching for a local business, they’re more than likely using their phone while on-the-go. Busy lifestyles don’t often allow time to sit down at a desktop or laptop to launch a search query, and it’s not necessary with the excellent search capabilities that smartphones nowadays have. Mobile search typically reveals local results, and often allows users to find directions, contact information, and even place a phone call to the business without ever having to go to their website. When your website is optimized for local search terms that smartphone users are entering, it is much more likely that your business will show up in the top search rankings, even if your website isn’t ranked as highly for broader search terms. This gives you a leg up on your competition, especially chain companies that are targeting national search terms.

Choosing a Denver SEO Consultant

Now more than ever it’s important to find digital marketing professionals who stay up to date with the latest changes in search engine algorithms. Not only do you need to be able to trust that your SEO team has your best interests at heart, you also need to have confidence in their ability to identify the key words and phrases that are most valuable to your brand and help you rank for those terms.

At Tactical SEO Consulting, our team of experienced SEO consultants understands how local SEO works and how it can be beneficial to a local business. Furthermore, we know that a combination of both local and national SEO, along with other digital marketing strategies, can help take your website to the next level. Your chances of drawing in more leads and getting more customers in the door go up substantially when you work with a seasoned Denver SEO Consultant like Tactical SEO Consulting.

If you’re ready to see results, don’t wait! Reach out to us today for a one-on-one consultation about your business’ strengths and weaknesses, how you can improve your online presence, and how local SEO efforts can help you achieve your business goals.

We can help you better understand where your business is and what your goals are, so you can enjoy online marketing success.


Business Analysis

The first step in our digital process is learning your business and identifying your target market. Once we have identified your consumer we can create a customized marketing campaign to capitalize on this audience.

Website Audit

We will provide a full website audit to ensure your site is optimized from an SEO standpoint. We can also identify areas that can be improved that will enhance your online footprint.

Keyword Research

We will provide in-depth keyword research to find keywords consumers are actively searching for on a monthly basis. This will allow us to establish a benchmark report and show real time movements for your specific keywords.

Competitor Research

We will study your top competitors in your niche. We will learn the tactics they have employed to reach the top of the SERPS. We will then create a customized campaign to help you achieve top organic positioning!

Website Optimization

Having your website optimized for your specific keywords and phrases helps to ensure your site moves up the SERPs. Our Team will optimize your site for specific keywords, marketing copy, meta titles and descriptions, and alt text.

NAP Submissions

Our SEO process includes directory link building, which dramatically improve your local search engine rankings. Citations are a key component of the ranking algorithms in both Google and Bing.

Link Building

Link building refers to the process of getting external pages to link to a page on your website. Our team will utilize Google’s Best practices to build high authority links that will in turn skyrocket your site to the top of the search results.


Monthly Reporting is the cornerstone of any reputable marketing agency. We will provide a detailed report utilizing data from your Analytics account. We will also provide monthly deliverables every month.