The Truth about SEO costs

Denver SEO Cost

Denver SEO Costs Explained

Are you a business owner looking for legit SEO? You may want to find out the truth about SEO costs.

SEO cost is among the most debated subjects but is undeniably proportional to the expected rewards. If done correctly, SEO certainly rewards providing huge returns on investment. It is not a quick process of randomly doing things, and hoping potential customers come across your ad. SEO focuses on specific keywords that real consumers look for every day.

Factors Influencing Cost of SEO
For a business owner, the cost of SEO will depend on the following:
•    Current business situation or state
•    Objectives of your business
•    Timeline required to achieve goals
•    Maintenance of SEO performance

The factors above guide SEO Company in ascertaining what your business needs plus the costs. For instance, it shows the current state of your business, where you want your business to be, and the expected growth rate.

Another critical thing to remember is that SEO is not stationary, but a moving target. Once your ranking has improved, and your visibility is high, competitors will strive to beat you. State of the art SEO maintenance becomes paramount. It is not a walk in the park. Proven approaches combined with creativity results in methodologies specifically made for your business to continue thriving.
The Need for Quality SEO
Currently, there are countless SEO firms in the market; cheap and expensive. Irrespective of the cost, the quality of SEO should always be the determinant.

Cheap may be expensive. Most businesses have incurred losses because of falling victim of cheap SEO. Some firms masquerade as SEO firms selling relevant but expired websites to create backlinks. Since 2014, Google labeled this technique as Link Scheme attracting heavy penalties. Many cheap SEO firms create cheap spammy links, a recipe for manual and algorithm penalties. Furthemore, it adversely affects your ROI and ranking.

For any business, the need for trusted, experienced and reliable SEO Company is vital. You don’t want to tarnish your business name because of employing cheap firms. Why play outside the rules and end up losing everything you have worked hard to build?

What is the Cost of Genuine SEO?
Majority of SEO companies charge based on the number of hours required for the customer website to get ranking. On average, the cost is between $75 and $150 per hour. The monthly retainer ranges from $1000 to approximately $3000.
According to, businesses in the United States spend between $500 and $10,000 on SEO per month, majority spending below $5000. The survey also showed that SMEs and start-ups fall under $1000 category. Emerging trends in SEO could also influence the cost.

What is Trending in SEO Audit?
As mentioned earlier, SEO is a moving target. It is continually evolving and advancing. Every business needs to up their game to remain relevant in the market and maintain ranking. Currently, here are some trending audit SEO items:
•    Mobile web crawling to target smartphone users.
•    Implementation of structured data usage.
•    Website AMP compliance with Google requirements.
•    Website HTTPS migration and configuration.
•    JavaScript reliance in content display or navigation.

All things considered, the cost of SEO varies from one business to another. However, it is essential for the realization of return on investment.

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