Make Sure That Your Blog Post is Properly Utilizing SEO


When working on SEO, Denver website owners want to make sure that they focus their SEO efforts on the type of post they are working on. In this case, you want to make sure that your SEO efforts are tailored specifically to blog posts. Once you know what to do, you will find that getting good traffic to your posts starts to become a lot easier.


Plan Your Message Before You Start Writing


You want to know what you are going to say and how you plan to deliver it. When you have a plan, it makes it easier to choose your primary keywords for the post. What do you want your readers to get after they finish reading your blog post? For example, will it solve a problem or are you prompting them to buy something? It is a more general post or is it centered around something specific, such as a specific product? Take a little time to answer these questions and it will make it easier to create a blog post with SEO in mind.


Develop the Overall Structure of Your Post


It is always a good idea to develop the outline of your blog post before you start to write it. This makes it easier to ensure that it flows well and that you hit all of the important points that you have planned out. The following is generally a good structure to follow.


-Write an introduction to tell readers exactly what the post is about and what they will learn
-The body should be divided with headings and elaborate on the introduction
-The conclusion should tie all of the information together and if this is a sales post, contain a call to action


Utilize Headings and Short Paragraphs


It is important to expand on this because it plays a critical role in SEO. You want to use headings to separate different information so that each paragraph focuses on a specific piece of information. For example, if you are writing a blog about common spices in Italian cooking, you would write a paragraph for each and separate each of these by using headings. Each spice you discuss would get its own heading.

Using Your Primary Keyword


In general, you will place the primary keyword in the first and last paragraphs. If your post is under 400 words, this is generally sufficient. With longer posts, you might consider placing it naturally about every 100 words.

Now you know more about how to improve SEO as it relates specifically to blog posts. When you properly use SEO in Denver, you are getting a higher return for your efforts, making it easier to turn your blog or website into a successful venture.