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How Will SEO Impact My Local Business’s ROI?

Your return on investment (ROI) is a critical measure of the success of any of your marketing or sales strategies, including SEO. But, the exact impact of SEO on your ROI will vary by business. Ranking may be more difficult and costly for those that operate a business in a large city or highly competitive market. Your goal ROI is going to be fluid at first, and you should expect to make changes throughout your ranking process. We recommend setting realistic ROIs in the beginning, especially as you begin your SEO journey. As your SEO strategy matures, you can start to get granular with your ROI as you target hyper-specific local keywords and chase local pack results in your area.

How to provide an SEO Audit?

Is your online content doing enough to help your company find potential customers? Are you worried that you aren’t getting the traffic and attention you need because your SEO is underachieving? Our Colorado Springs SEO agency can provide you with an SEO audit, which will provide you with an analysis of your site in terms of search engine optimization. A full SEO audit can help to identify problems with content and links. It can also help to find any technical aspects of your site that could be inhibiting the search engines from crawling your site and understanding the content. The audit can show you where your strong and weak points are located, and we can then help you get your website and your business into the best possible position.

Case Studies

Blue Wave Taekwondo

Nick Karkabe with Blue Wave Taekwondo came to us looking to get onto page 1 quickly. We came to his business and optimized his entire SEO campaign within 8 hours. We took Nick’s business from zero revenue to over 10K monthly within 6 weeks! Nick was shocked how quickly everything happened and he took our exact strategies to scale his business.

Monthly SEO retainers are not needed if you can get everything setup on the front end and you can educate clients on the exact SEO Blueprint needed to rank!

Bodyworks - Justin

We are currently at the 6 month mark with Bodyworks in Franklin & Nolensville. We have increased their organic traffic by over 500% and the new users to their website have increased by 450%. They had 36 keywords on page 1 when we started and they now have 68 keywords and growing! On the paid side we are ranking at the top for all their top services including weight loss, TRT, men and womens health, and peptide therapy. We can dominate any local market with our SEO and paid strategy!

If your a medical clinic, TRT clinic, or and IV therapy clinic looking to exponentially grow give us a call. Let us customize a strategy to help you start winning online. We will help with your entire strategy including increasing closing rates so that your bottom line exponentially increases!

Client Reviews


Cary Lange with Geo Craft Builders came to us looking start driving traffic with SEO. We started from scratch, built them a custom website, and optimized their site for SEO. They started seeing traffic within 3 months and within 6 months they weren’t retuning my phone calls because they were too busy! If your ready to make 2024 your best sales year yet, lets talk today!


    Search engine optimization — or SEO — is the art of generating website traffic through “organic” search routes. Organic, in this case, meaning one of the major search engines (Google, Bing, etc.) So, the primary goal of SEO is to increase both the quality and quantity of traffic to your website via search engines. There are thousands of factors that play a part in how much traffic you’re getting from search engines. You want local prospects to find your business when they’re searching for your products or services, and you want to convert those prospects into customers

    Did you know that 4 out of 5 consumers use search engines like Google to find local information? Chances are that there are hundreds of consumers looking for your products or services online right now. So, how do you find these potential new customers? While you can use traditional advertising mediums to reach new clients, most people search for local businesses using Google. Your business would greatly benefit from ranking number one in Google searches in your local area. The higher your business appears in Google searches, the more traffic that you’ll see coming to your website, generating new leads and more sales.

    The whole idea behind SEO is to increase your brand awareness using specific phrases that your target customer base is likely to use when seeking out your services. You want to drive traffic to your website instead of risking the chance that they’ll find your competitors first. SEO is a smart inbound marketing strategy that can help you to avoid inundating people with advertisements outside of the digital space. All you’re doing is directing someone who is already looking for roofing services in your direction, making it that much easier to convert leads and boost your sales.

    When you type a phrase into Google, you’ll get a long list of results that attempt to closely match your search intent. To generate this list, Google uses a crawler — Googlebot — to scan roughly 3 trillion web pages 30 billion times monthly and add those sites into an index. Then, Google uses algorithms to determine the best index result for any user search query.

    There are tons of factors that go into SEO, and attempting to reach the top of SERP (search engine results page) for particular keywords requires keen attention to a variety of factors, including:

    1. Keywords: Google will scan for websites that use partial or exact keywords that match the searchers intent. So, if you were to search “Pool Builder Arizona” Google will be searching for sites that display that specific keyword phrase. It is best practice to utilize this exact keyword as well as secondary and long tailed keywords. If you are not utilizing keywords within your site you will have trouble ranking well. It is best to create copy around your main keywords and incorporate those keywords within your meta tags in order to rank locally in your area. The tool most SEO agencies use is called the keyword planner. This tool will allow you to analyze keywords specific to your industry and allow you to find the search volume for those keywords. The higher the search volume the more traffic that is looking for that particular keyword. The goal is to find both broad keywords and geo specific keywords in your industry. So if your a remodeler you would want to rank for “home remodeler” as well as “home remodeler Arizona.” This would make sure your covering a multitude of keywords someone might be typing to find your service.

    2. Link Building: This includes both the link architecture of your site as well as external sites that are linking to your website. In 2012 Google launched the penguin update. This algorithm was aimed at sites using spammy links in order to boost their rankings. Spammy links are just random low cost links that you can buy on, and usually involve the use of software. Most of the content used to build these links is duplicated or scraped off the internet. This tactic use to work really well until the update was launched. A ton of sites were penalized in the process in order to reward the sites that are following Google’s webmaster guidelines. In 2020, it is imperative that you are creating quality over quantity. It does not take a lot of links to rank well, but the more relevant the links, and the higher the domain authority, and trust flow, the more impact these links will have on your rankings.

    Another thing to monitor with link building is your link profile, this can be done with a tool called Ahrefs. This tool provides data on new links and will allow you to monitor new links that are pointing to your site. The goal is to monitor low quality links or sites that may be linking to your site. If you happen to identify low quality links you can then remove these links using a tool called Google Search Console. This is a free tool that allows you to disavow links. This is a monthly process to make sure your building the highest quality links. You can also use these tools to monitor what your SEO consultant is providing. Our agency SEO Blueprint provides the exact tools needed to perform this analysis so your site stays at the top of Google!

    Finally, you need to monitor link diversity. Links are created using anchor text. You can usually find these very easily because they are blue highlighted words on a page. If you click on them they will take you to an external website or internally on the same website you are searching on. You need to make sure your links are diversified and not using the same keywords over and over again. In the past, if the goal was to rank for “scottsdale car dealership” many people started using the anchor text a thousand times when creating blogs on other sites that would link back to their site. This worked for awhile until Google caught onto this shady tactic. If you have built a lot of links to your site over the years it is imperative to look at the anchor text diversity, this can have a direct impact on your ranking.

    3. SEO Copy: Copy is the written text on websites and it’s the best way to start ranking quickly out of the gates. While more content is better, the key is writing better content that is engaging and provides value. Most of the clients we work with don’t have enough content, and while some are very particular about how the content is written you need to know how to write to rank on page 1! SEO copywriting is very detailed and our copywriters exhaust the research needed to write very good content that provides value. You need to also know how to incorporate your target keyword as well as variations of your keyword. If your linking to an authority site, or internally, you need to know how to structure your anchor text as well as structuring your internal links and pages to make sure the link juice flows to your target page.

    4. Site Speed: Google wants to make sure that your website is fast and runs smoothly for users. If your site is slow loading on both desktop and mobile, it is not a good user experience. Google rewards sites that are fast loading, and will typically rank them higher on the SERP’s than pages that don’t load fast. Websites that are slow loading will also have higher bounce rates as well as lower time spent on pages. Longer load times will also decrease conversion rates. If you want to know if your site is slow loading we recommend utilizing GT Metrix to know your sites loading speed. This site will also give you insight into other performance indicators to make your site lightning fast so your consumers can have the best user experience.

    We recommend utilizing a plugin called WP rocket which will allow you to quickly optimize your sites speed for both desktop and mobile. It provides easy to navigate settings to quickly optimize your website according to Google’s Webmaster specifications. Our Arizona SEO agency can provide this service along with walking your through how to set this up correctly. This is a vital element of Google’s algorithm and you will see an improvement immediately. You will also see an improvement with keyword rankings.

    5. Page Authority

    Page Authority is a score developed by a company called Moz. It predicts how well a page will range on search engine results pages (SERPs). The score is measured from one to 100, and the higher the score, the greater the rank. Ideally, you want your business website pages to have as high of a score as possible. This will help to ensure that your pages are some of the first entries that someone sees when on a search engine like Google.

    After all, you want your pages to rank high since most people only look at the first few results on page one when they are searching for a business. Quality SEO – including local SEO – along with excellent content and fine-tuned pages, can help you rank higher. One of the best ways to improve the authority of a page is to improve the link profile. This typically requires external links from high-authority pages.

    6. Domain Authority

    Like page authority, Domain Authority was also developed by Moz. While Page Authority is a prediction of how well your individual pages will range in the search engine results pages, the Domain Authority is a prediction of how well your website ranks on the SERPs. A range of factors is used to calculate the Domain Authority. It is a metric that can be used to help you determine how your site ranks compared to other sites in roofing.

    It is hard to affect the Domain Authority directly because it is made of link data and other metrics that contribute to the overall score. It becomes essential to take care of those other metrics, such as your links and SEO, as a means of effecting change across the entire domain or subdomain.

    7. Domain Age

    The Domain Age is more important than some people realize. It simply refers to when your domain was registered. For example, if your domain for ABC Roofing was registered in January of 2010, the domain would now be 10 years old. Why does this matter? One of the major reasons that the age of the domain can be a factor for SEO is qualitative backlinks. When search engines are ranking a site or page, they look at the backlinks to see whether they are authoritative. Older sites that have done a good job with their links will have more links, and they will be more authoritative.

    One of the things that you can’t control is the age of your domain. It’s as old as when you registered your website. However, there are countless other things that you can do to help improve your SEO. As time passes, you can start to enjoy the benefits of having an older domain. However, you need to ensure that you are taking other steps to improve the site and SEO. This means taking care of any broken pages, old broken links, getting new backlinks, and the content on your site.

    8. Mobile Factors

    How do you typically look for a business that offers services you need? A decade or so ago, you might have hopped on your laptop or desktop to search. Today, most people will be on their smartphones or tablets. This means that when they visit your website, they are going to be judging how well it works as a mobile site. If you do not have a site that is fully optimized, it will not work well in a mobile device. It can be difficult for people to find what they need. They might not see all of the content that you are offering. Many will get frustrated and leave.

    However, that’s not the only reason that you need to think about mobile optimization. Googlebot is now a mobile-based indexer, which means that it doesn’t view desktop pages while ranking – mobile pages are. Therefore, you need to be willing to create a mobile-optimized site, so the users have a good experience.

    9. Social Factors

    Social media is another important factor for ranking search engine pages. While it’s certainly not the only element your company should consider, it is not something to be ignored. Social media plays a huge role when it comes to the success of your business for several reasons.

    Most people today have social media accounts, at least on one or more of the larger platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This means that your company should also have a presence on those sites. Not only do you want to create accounts on these sites, but you want to be active. Post information about your business, post photos, videos, and more. Have links that head back to your website. Let people know what you are offering, where you are located, and why you are a top choice in the area. The goal is to increase the number of people following you on these sites and to get them to share the information that you post.

    Mentions, retweets, and more can help other people to learn about your business and visit your site. You will also find that social metrics are becoming vital when it comes to how you are ranking in the search engines. Often, when you enter a search term, social media profiles are among some of the top slots. Getting your company to rank with social media, as well as for their domain and pages, will be a huge benefit.

    10. Secure Site

    The security of your site can also play a role in your SEO. You have likely noticed that there are HTTP sites and HTTPS sites. The difference between the two is that the “S” ensures that the website has encryption, data integrity, and authentication to help ensure security that can help to build trust. This plays a role in SEO, as more customers are starting to look for secure sites when they are searching for businesses. They don’t want to submit personal information, even if it might just be a name, phone number, or email.

    Additionally, when using Google Chrome, visitors who go to HTTP sites receive a warning that the site is not secure. Even if the site might be safe, many visitors will simply head to another site that is secured with HTTPS. If your website is not getting visited as much, it can affect your ranking.

    11. User Experience

    Another important element to keep in mind when you are creating a roofing website is the user experience when they arrive at the site. You want to have a website that will be easy to explore and navigate, and that makes all of the most important and pertinent information easy to find.

    Part of the user experience is ensuring that you are using the right keywords and phrases that your potential customers would be using to search for your services. This ensures that they are heading to the right site in the first place. Content should be optimized, including the headings. Keep in mind that the user experience should be just as good on mobile sites as it is on a desktop.

    12. Conversion Rate Optimization

    Conversion optimization is an important part of marketing for any online business. The SEO can help to drive the customers to the site, but it’s the conversion optimization that will turn those visitors into actual customers. The conversion rate optimization and SEO are tied closely together. When a website has great SEO, they get more visitors, and more visitors will typically mean more people who engage you for a service of some type.

    However, some companies are not spending enough time making improvements to their CRO. Getting relevant data on the people who are visiting the site is helpful. Knowing how long people are spending on the site, the areas they are exploring, analytics, and checking customer reviews can provide insight into your customers. This information can then be used to make improvements to your site, your social presence, and to help with your calls to action.

    There should be calls to action on your website’s pages, as well as on social media and in any advertising that you use. CTAs should always be easy to understand, convenient, and urgent enough to inspire the viewer to take action as soon as possible. Website CTAs will typically try to get the prospective customer to reach out and inquire about your business or get an estimate request.

    Although SEO and conversions are generally seen to exist in different areas of the marketing sector, they are very closely linked. If you have good SEO on your website, you’ll bring in more traffic, and therefore have more opportunities to convert potential customers. In the roofing industry, your leads funnel is vital to generating new business. And while you will occasionally be able to count on repeat business from past clients, it could be years before they need to seek out your services again. That means it’s up to you to make sure that you have a way to constantly bring in a fresh supply of leads. Taking the time to optimize your entire website to rank on Google, from your homepage to your services pages and your blog—is the best way to bring in traffic that is already looking to find a great roofing contractor. Once you’ve determined which keywords you need to target, you’ll also need to make sure that your website is optimized to rank on page one of Google. Part of the challenge is ensuring that your website is useful for your specific audience and capitalize on existing traffic. When consumers visit your website, you don’t want them to view your homepage and then leave. The goal should be to create a lasting impression that encourages them to return and click on your calls to action (CTAs).
    Your return on investment (ROI) is a critical measure of the success of any of your marketing or sales strategies, including SEO. But, the exact impact of SEO on your ROI will vary by business. Ranking may be more difficult and costly for those that operate a business in a large city or highly competitive market. Your goal ROI is going to be fluid at first, and you should expect to make changes throughout your ranking process. We recommend setting realistic ROIs in the beginning, especially as you begin your SEO journey. As your SEO strategy matures, you can start to get granular with your ROI as you target hyper-specific local keywords and chase local pack results in your area.
    The time it takes to rank on SERP depends on a variety of factors. Like ROI, your competition, space, and targeted keywords will all play a massive role in the amount of time it will take you to rank on Google. Generally, you can expect anywhere from 4 – 12 months depending upon the difficulty of your keywords.

    Is your online content doing enough to help your company find potential customers? Are you worried that you aren’t getting the traffic and attention you need because your SEO is underachieving? Our Scottsdale SEO company can provide you with an technical SEO audit, which will provide you with an analysis of your site in terms of search engine optimization.

    A full SEO audit can help to identify problems with content and links. It can also help to find any technical aspects of your site that could be inhibiting the search engines from crawling your site and understanding the content.

    The audit can show you where your strong and weak points are located, and we can then help you get your website and your business into the best possible position.

    Here are some of the critical metrics that our website audit measures:

    • Website URL: How well crafted is your URL? How long is your URL? How long have you owned the URL? Is your URL Secured?
    • Keyword Research: This gives you some actionable keywords and analyzes your current keyword status.
    • Title Description: How well formulated is your title description? Do you incorporate your target keywords?
    • Meta Description: Does your meta description have keywords? Is it too many or too few characters? Is it over optimized for your target keywords.
    • Image Analysis: How are your website’s images layered and do your images have alt tags?
    • Heading Tag Selection Order and Optimization: Each page must follow an appropriate order. We will look at keywords, long tail keywords, and synonyms that are related. Do you have well crafted H1, H2, and H3 tags. How much content do you have? Do you have related images and/or videos you could incorporate to reinforce your content. What is the keyword density for your target keywords? Do you have proper internal and external links?
    • Copy Analysis: How well written and structured is your copy? Do you have enough copy? What is considered enough? Does your content engage your readers? Do you have appropriate call to actions?
    • Code Analysis: Is all of your coding good-to-go and error free? Are you using a themed site or website builder? Is the Code SEO friendly?
    • Social Analysis: How are your social metrics? Are you getting brand mentions, likes, and engagement? Do you even have social media accounts?
    • Mobile Analysis: Are you mobile optimized?
    • Link Analysis: How does your overall link structure look? Is it working? Do you need to remove any links that may be hurting your current ranking position.
    • Domain Analysis: Is your domain relevant? Did you purchase it through an auction or from a previous business owner? If previously owned did it have a clean backlink profile?
    • Conversion Optimization/CTAs: Do you have well-placed call-to-actions? Having a conversion optimized website is priority. This is something we make sure to setup from the start in order to make your website stand out from your competitors.

    We also measure our client’s off-site SEO, which is equally important. This includes:

    1. Client outreach and influencer marketing strategies. Social influencer strategies can have a direct impact on link building since they have high citation flow. Modern Google algorithms don’t want the most links; they want the best links. We make sure that our clients have the most up-to-date authoritative links.
    2. Your current link profile. If a client’s link profile is weak, it may need to be “detoxed” — which removes dead-weight links that may be toxic towards your ranking efforts.
    3. Local link building. Hyper-local SEO is critical for local businesses, so we always push to build links in local directories and citations. Not only will these help you with local search queries, but they will also help you with local link-building and prospect funneling.
    4. Social media strategy. We analyze each client’s social media strategy. Social plays a huge (ever growing) role in ranking, so optimizing social media is key.
    5. KPIs & metrics. We make sure to deliver reports and benchmarks that outline specific key performance indicators (KPIs) and includes competitor analysis.

    Usually, we like to see our client’s current sales copy. We can align all of these parameters to give businesses local SEO dominance, local pack status, and competitive copy. If you’re interested in our website auditing process, contact us today. We follow all of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines in order to provide the best practices for your website. Following Google’s rules will also ensure your site gets to the top of Google.

    Our agency blueprint is designed to provide local companies with exclusive services including:

    • Personal one-on-one coaching
    • Access to our exact SEO process
    • Information on the different vendors we use
    • Guidance in effortlessly ranking keywords
    • Quick 24-hour campaign setup
    • No monthly contracts

    Similar services to our Agency Blueprint could cost upwards of $30,000 but it’s our goal to help local companies learn exactly how to rank their websites in-house, without the need to pay out an excessive monthly retainer fee that often doesn’t provide organic SEO results. We also provide our clients with 100 percent transparency by providing you with access to the exact process that your local SEO agency would provide for a fraction of the cost.

    Another awesome benefit of working with us? We will get your entire Scottsdale SEO campaign setup and ready to go within 24 hours. In the world of online advertising and SEO keyword ranking, time is money, and we want to help make sure that you can start generating new leads as soon as possible. We are happy to provide our Agency Blueprint clients with access to every vendor that we use to rank local companies on page 1 of Google.

    Additionally, we’ll connect you with our own internal web development company we use, set you up with all the software tools that we’ve come to rely on, access to our AI content creation team, our local link building and so much more. Finally, to help keep things on track and ensure you’re getting the most out of your investment, we will schedule monthly consultations to check in on your marketing campaign, make sure things are working how you want them to and to ensure your getting results.

    The truth behind the matter is, no one else in the SEO industry is sharing this kind of transparency with their clients. And they’re certainly not able to generate these kinds of results either. Our competitors believe that holding these industry “secrets” close to their chests is the best way to bring in new clients of their own. They want to make SEO seem like an overly complicated system that you will never be able to master without a team of experts on retainer. But, in reality, with proper guidance and the right set of tools available to you, you can save greatly with our SEO Agency Blueprint services and you will start seeing results in less than 90 days.