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Roofing Website

Roofing Website Development

As the owner or manager of a roofing company, your livelihood hinges on how well and how quickly your website ranks with Google. Achieving this goal requires you to be aware of Google’s latest onpage SEO recommendations and to ensure that you update your roofing website to comply with Google’s technical recommendations. 

Staying abreast of the latest developments in the SEO landscape is not easy for a busy roofing specialist. Fortunately,  Tactical SEO Consulting  has the expertise and resources to give you the edge you need to surpass your competitors. Below is a look at the specific ways that our on-page SEO specialists will help you drive more traffic to your website by ensuring that your on-page SEO reflects Google’s latest recommendations.

Domain Level On-page SEO

At Tactical SEO Consulting, our comprehensive on-page SEO process begins at the domain level. We begin with a thorough analysis of your website to determine how well your roofing website is optimized for Google. Then, we perform the following critical activities to optimize your domain:

1) Confirm Your Preferred Domain 

Your preferred domain is the domain you wish to use to index the pages on your roofing website. It is also the version that you would like to use for search results. Common examples include https:// or https://www.  Our team will review your website and help you establish your preferred domain based on your content and target audience. We will then use that information for future indexing and crawls. 

2) Optimize Canonical URLs

Poor canonical URL optimization could be hampering your SEO. If canonical URLs have duplicated URLs pointing to similar content, search engines may mistake the content on your URL for duplicate content. If this occurs, Google may not respond favorably and your website’s ranking cold drop. At Tactical SEO Consulting, we know how to detect canonical URLs and code them properly to help you avoid this pitfall.

3) Generate and Optimize Robots.txt 

When Google crawls your website, they first search for a robots.txt file at your domain root. When the file is found, they review the file’s list of directives to detect any that are blocked from crawling. At Tactical SEO Consulting, we improve this process by optimizing your robots.txt file to promote precise crawling. We can also generate a robots.txt file for your website if you do not have one.  

4) Establish Targeted Locations

A targeted top-level domain (TLD) can become one of the most valuable tools in your SEO arsenal – especially if your roofing business is based outside the United States. The Tactical SEO team will analyze your website and audience to help you establish international or country-specific targeting to help your business gain positioning during a search. 

5) Screen for Google Penalties

Google reserves the right to penalize websites that violate its Webmaster Guidelines. These penalties can kill your efforts to drive traffic to your website. We will screen for algorithmic and manual penalties that can hinder your SEO and take the steps necessary to address these penalties. 

6) Optimize XML Sitemaps

Our team will work to ensure that there are no errors when your sitemaps are crawled. We achieve this goal by generating or recreating XML sitemaps to make sure that they are automatically updated when you add, remove, or edit website content.

7) Identify Duplicate Pages

Duplicating content on your website can harm your SEO, especially if it was placed in an effort to manipulate search engines. We will screen your website to detect duplicate pages and remove them from your site. 

8) Address 404 Errors and Create 301 Redirect Pages

Broken links can frustrate prospective customers by leading them to pages that do not exist. We have the expertise to identify error pages and eliminate them from your site. Additionally, we can create a 301 redirect page, which will reroute traffic from an outdated URL to a valid URL.

9) Detect Orphan Pages

Also known as standalone pages, orphan pages are those pages which users are unable to find during a website visit. They lack website links and can be detrimental to the health of your website. Our team knows how to identify and remove these pages from your site.

10) Improve Your Website Structure

Smooth website navigation is critical to homeowners and business owners in need of a new roof or roofing repairs. Our team will analyze your URLs to ensure that they meet or exceed the latest SEO standards related to navigation. 

Site Level On-page SEO

Site level on-page SEO is important because it relates to your website’s responsiveness and loading speed on desktop and mobile devices. Loading speed is more important than ever to your roofing website because Google recently recommended that websites should take no longer than two seconds to load. Failure to heed these recommendations could hinder your website’s Google ranking. Here are three steps that we take to enhance your site level on-page SEO:

1) Analyze mobile responsiveness

The majority of today’s online searches for roofing companies are conducted with a smartphone, tablet, or other mobile device. We will analyze your website to ensure that your website is responsive and compatible with 

2) Optimize your roofing website’s speed

Nearly one-half of all people will abandon your website if it does not load within two seconds. We will analyze the loading time of your website from desktop computers and mobile devices to confirm that your website loads quickly and complies with Google recommendations for loading speed.

3) Analyze your mobile usability

At JKS, we work hard to ensure that your mobile usability index score is as high as possible. We will analyze your mobile usability and suggest changes to help your roofing company’s website earn the best index score.  

Page Level On-page SEO

Page level SEO is vital to the success of your company’s website because it serves as the foundation for crawlers that find and index your pages on SERPs. This process begins with the creation of meta content and ends with the placement of content on your website. Below are the steps that the Tactical SEO Consulting team takes to optimize your web pages according to the latest industry standards. 

1) Create and Optimize Meta Content

The first step in page level on-page SEO is to create meta content that will draw prospects to your website. We are experts at creating titles and descriptions that use targeted keywords that will attract people in need of roofing services to your site. 

2) Conduct Keyword Research and Mapping

Once your meta content is in place, Tactical SEO will conduct comprehensive keyword research using Google Keyword Planner and other cutting-edge tools. We will identify keywords based on the roofing industry, your company’s location, and your competitors within your local roofing industry. We will then map those keywords to the proper pages on your site. 

3) Optimize Keyword Density

Achieving optimum keyword density is important because it prevents your web pages from overusing or under-using keywords. Overusing keywords, also known as “keyword stuffing”, can result in Google penalties, while under-using keywords can negate your SEO efforts.

4) Integrate Schema 

Also known as rich text, schema is an important part of on-page SEO because it is a frequently used code for search engines to identify common web page elements such as reviews, industries, people, and ratings. Our team specializes in schema integration for roofing companies.

5) Develop Header Tags 

Properly optimized header tags are the cornerstone of stellar page-level on-page SEO. We will develop and optimize H1 and H2 tags by featuring the keywords that will motivate your target audience to seek your roofing services. 

6) Repair Scripts

Our team of on-page specialists will detect any scripts that are currently blocking crawlers and repair them. We use Fetch as Google and other leading tools to accomplish this task, thereby priming your web pages for increased traffic.

7) Enhance Multimedia Content

A growing number of roofing companies are including videos, presentations, and other multi-media content on their websites. While this is an effective strategy, you will not achieve optimal results unless you include the right keywords and tags for your multi-media content. Tactical SEO has the resources to help you with this important task.

8) Feature Outbound Links

Many of the largest and most sophisticated websites include outbound links with the appropriate no-follow tags. This means that the links are not crawled by Google and do not contain a page rank value. Our Team will ensure that your outbound links feature the proper no-follow tags.

9) Optimize Written Content

We recognize how vital high-quality content is to on-page SEO. We will carefully review your page content to ensure that your content is valuable to people who need roofing services. Additionally, we will eliminate duplicate content and make sure that your content features the proper primary keyword and secondary keywords.

10) Optimize Images

Our team realizes that optimizing images is just as important as optimizing your written content. We will help your images stand out and drive traffic to your web pages by including the appropriate alt tags.  


SEO Consulting

Paid search advertising can only take your website so far. With less than half of web users clicking on text ads, it’s more important than ever before to rank well in organic search results to stay competitive. A seasoned SEO expert can help you develop a solid SEO strategy designed to boost your rankings (and your bottom line).

What Is SEO?

SEO, or search engine optimization, is the process of making strategic changes to a website for the purpose of boosting organic (unpaid) search results. When you rank higher for industry-related keywords, it’s easier for new customers to find your business. However, it’s not something you do once and check off your digital marketing list. Typically, SEO is ongoing as search engine algorithms become more advanced and user behavior changes.

SEO Consulting Services 

At Tactical SEO Consulting, we offer a wide variety of comprehensive SEO services designed to help your website rank higher:

  • SEO Audits

To know where to set your goals, it’s important to understand where you are at present. We perform a thorough audit of your website’s current SEO and identify areas where immediate improvements can be made.

  • Keyword Research

Keyword research and analysis can be overwhelming, especially for those not well versed in digital marketing tactics. We identify the most valuable keywords in your niche based on industry data and user behavior and make recommendations on how to best use target keywords to improve your search engine optimization.

  • Competitive Research

It’s important to know what your competitors are doing so you can determine where your strengths and weaknesses are in comparison. How much content are they posting each month? How active are they on social media? For example, if you find that a competitor that consistently ranks higher than you has dozens more in-depth content pages, you’ll likely want to put extra effort into generating high-quality website copy.

  • SEO Strategy

Once we’ve identified several action items to improve your SEO, we’ll develop a unique strategy designed specifically for your business. It may include a mixture of offsite SEO and on-page keyword optimization along with other changes that will make the most impact on your rankings.

  • Website Redesign

If your website needs a design overhaul, it’s important to involve an SEO expert from the get-go. Certain design elements can impact both SEO and conversion rates, and it’s much more difficult to go back and fix SEO mistakes embedded in the design than to have an SEO expert work with your designer to create an optimized website design.

  • SEO Implementation

If you have SEO recommendations ready to go, we can help you get them implemented. Any time you make a change to your website, it has the potential to affect the way search engines crawl and rank your site. We’ll help you implement SEO strategies without losing rankings.

Why SEO Is Worth the Investment

Your website’s SEO directly affects its search rankings, which in turn impacts your website traffic and lead generation efforts. Good SEO isn’t often cheap, and you should think twice about free SEO consulting. An inexperienced SEO consultant can do more harm than good and cause you to be penalized by search engines for black hat or spammy SEO techniques. Since your website’s SEO plays such a significant role in your company’s bottom line, quality SEO analysis and strategy is well worth the investment.

How to Find a Qualified SEO Consultant

Before you hire an SEO consultant, take some time to vet them first. Check out their education and experience and have a one-on-one conversation with them. Ask questions about the process and get a feel for how the consultant responds to you. Look for an SEO expert who is eager to help you and explains complex technical concepts in a way that you can understand. Avoid hiring a green consultant without enough education or experience in the digital marketing industry.

Ready to Boost Your Rankings? Call Tactical SEO Consulting Today

At Tactical SEO Consulting, we are proud to offer our valuable clients with comprehensive SEO strategies that are proven to work. We specialize in roofing, home improvement, and alarm system SEO, but can work with any business to develop a winning SEO plan. Take the next step to sharpen your company’s online presence and call us at (719) 358-3613 to talk to an experienced SEO expert now.

Strategy Planning

Technical SEO

Local roofing companies often face a lot of intense competition for customers. When potential customers need roofing services, the first place they go for information is the internet. They head straight to Google’s search engine, type in a few keywords and click through to the first few roofing companies. You definitely won’t get a call if your roofing business is not at the top of that list. The problem is probably with your SEO, Search Engine Optimization, or the technical aspects of your website that helps Google learn about your company.

Let’s say that you have done your SEO homework, though, and your site is still not hitting the top of the list or, even worse, it has fallen down the list. Then your problem might be with technical SEO, the behind the scenes work that supports your website and makes sure Google can find it. Most roofers think of SEO as website content or keywords, but that is like thinking that shingles are the only component of a strong roof. Technical SEO includes:

  • The coding and markup data that help Google understand your content. 
  • Steps taken to optimize indexing, like correcting broken links. 
  • Making sure the website operates at the fastest speed possible. 
  • Using mobile-friendly website design to assist prospects who use smartphones to search for local roofing companies near them.  

Why Does Technical SEO Matter?

If your roofing company website is not pulling in the customers you want, technical SEO audits are used to help find the culprit and make sure the most important pages are indexed properly. Did you know there is such a thing as a Google penalty for negative SEO practices? Google assesses websites for ranking purposes through search algorithms and manual review. If they find something that does not meet their Webmaster Guidelines, you could experience a drop in rankings and associated website traffic.

Top Google Penalty Causes

  • Unethical SEO practices: An underhanded way to impact search rankings, like cloaking, or showing different pages to Google than site visitors. 
  • SEO practices by under-qualified SEOs: Some “SEO specialists” simply do not have the expertise or knowledge needed to fully optimize your website SEO according to Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.
  • Negative SEO: Unethical practices by a competitor to lower rankings for your website.
  • Link scheme violations: Trying to manipulate results by artificially generating outside links to a site, or adding spammy links that are unrelated and are of low quality.
  • Hacked website: Competitors may attempt to inject spam or malicious code into your site, which could show up in search results saying that your site has been hacked.
  • On-page SEO spam: In an attempt to raise search engine rankings, some webmasters try to cram every SEO tool into every component of every page. This actually does more harm than good.

SEO audits can find and show you how to fix technical SEO problems that can lead to loss of search engine rankings. Tactical SEO Consulting, the roofing SEO experts, offers a Complimentary SEO Consultation and a free custom design as part of our SEO process. Call 719-358-3613 or email to learn more about raising your website effectiveness roof with technical SEO.

Content Marketing

Roofing Marketing Copy

Things are always changing in the digital marketing realm as new technologies develop and strategies fall in and out of style. Over the past few years, content marketing has emerged as an important strategy with proven results. But what is content marketing, and why should your business be using it? 

Content Marketing 101

At its core, content marketing is a strategy of creating and promoting high-quality SEO content that helps to educate and entertain your target audience. Instead of pushing a hard sell, the point of content marketing is to engage with your audience so that they convert into customers out of a sense of trust and connection. For this reason, authenticity is key. These customers can become repeat customers, or even act as brand advocates if they continue to trust you and feel your content is worth sharing.  

SEO and Content Marketing

A good content marketing strategy can support your search engine optimization (SEO) campaign by ensuring your website features highly relevant SEO content that utilizes your target keywords and is updated regularly. Great content helps your page rank better, which means more people can find your great content, and so on. Content marketing also involves establishing a consistent web presence – another important factor in establishing credibility with search engines.

Forms of Content Marketing

Content marketing can take place using any channels through which you interact with potential customers. Most strategies begin with blogs, email lists, web pages, and social media platforms, as these channels can work together to ensure your content is distributed across the web and to your different target audiences. 

Web Pages and Blogs

In addition to helping SEO performance, a well-crafted web page can be utilized in content marketing when targeting audiences interested in the page subject. Meanwhile, blogs are a great way to share your expertise, discuss industry news, or focus on local developments, such as a press release or events.  

Social Media 

Social media is a great tool for distributing your content. Depending on the platform, you can share links to your web pages and blogs, or more visual items like images and videos. Social media allows you to connect directly with people following your profile, who can then amplify the impact of your content by sharing it with their network. This can be a powerful way to uncover new potential customers. 


Email lists can be an effective way of communicating with an audience who have already expressed interest in staying connected. You can create a newsletter or share a link to your most recent blog. The important thing is to focus on quality so that people want to stay subscribed.  

Content marketing has emerged as a vital supporting component for SEO campaigns. In addition to helping improve search result rankings for your website, a successful content marketing strategy can help generate quality leads and higher retention rates than pay-per-click advertising because customers trust your business, are interested in your products and services, and can easily find you again on the web.

Strategy Planning

Conversion Tracking Software

See the Value of Your SEO Campaign

At Tactical SEO Consulting, we understand that measuring the performance of your SEO campaign goes beyond increases in page rankings and traffic. Your website can also be a powerful source of leads and a successful SEO campaign not only improves your site rankings but also generates revenue for your business. With our comprehensive call and form tracking capabilities, you can see how many new customers are being generated by your SEO campaign each month. You’ll also receive detailed reports so that you can be sure that your campaigns are meeting your key performance indicators (KPIs). 

Powerful Call Tracking Data

Tactical SEO Consulting uses advanced call tracking software so that you know exactly which phone calls are generated by your SEO campaign. You’ll also have access to useful tools and reporting so that you can put your call tracking data to work. For example, you can review call recordings to assess phone lead quality, or examine long term data for usage patterns to help make informed business decisions. 

Comprehensive Form Tracking

Our expert team makes sure that your website is properly enabled with accurate form submission tracking. You’ll know exactly how many forms are being generated by your website each month, and by which marketing channels. When it comes to form leads, having a short response time is essential to securing a conversion, so we promptly send you a notification after someone submits a website form so that you can contact them while your business is still on their mind. 

In-depth Website Analytic Tracking 

Having accurate data about your website’s rankings, referral traffic, and usage is critical to SEO success. The experts at Tactical SEO Consulting will set up analytic tracking on your website to make you’re collecting the right information. Once implemented, you’ll be able to measure the impact of your SEO campaign and to check if your website is meeting its primary goal and performance benchmarks for your business. An example of some key metrics you’ll be able to see include conversion rates, how much time people are spending on your site, and what pages are keeping them engaged. You’ll also be able to track things like organic traffic versus visitors driven by paid marketing and changes to your site traffic over time. 

Your Digital Marketing Partner

If you’re looking for a digital marketing partner, contact Tactical SEO Consulting! Our award-winning services, expert team, and personalized strategies will help your business dominate local search results. We are dedicated to following industry best practices and will help you achieve great SEO performance without utilizing underhanded tactics. We collect important performance data about your SEO campaign by implementing sophisticated call tracking, form tracking, and analytic tracking technology on your website. With our comprehensive and transparent reporting, you will be able to tell if our campaigns are meeting your KPI benchmarks, helping you to make informed business decisions. Contact us today to learn how we can help your business make a lasting impression on the web!



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Frequently asked questions

How fast will I see results?

Our clients typically see results in less than 6 months. We provide all our clients with a complimentary custom website as part of their SEO package. Our website are created with SEO optimizations from the start so that our clients will see results right from the start. Our process was created to ensure success every time we take on a new client!

Do you offer support 24/7?

Our services are Monday – Friday from 9AM – 6PM. If you have an urgent request or need immediate assistance we are available for your assistance. You will have access to my personal email as well cell phone. Our customers are our priority and our goal is to make sure you are 100% happy!

Do you only work with roofing companies?

We specialize in providing SEO for roofing, remodeling, and alarm system companies. Our process was created to help any industry achieve online success. If you your company has been struggling online let one of technical SEO consultants provide a free consultation.  We can help identify those specific parameters that are  holding your site back from success.

Do you offer money back?

SEO is a long term strategy. Our goal is to educate our clients on the process so that they know expectations from the start. SEO does not happen overnight but if let our team implement our strategy you will see success. If we are unable to provide the goals set forth in our initial benchmark and we have not met the KPI’s indicative of a successful campaign our team will work with you Free of charge until your goals are met!

What package is best for my business?

Our SEO Packages are based on monthly budgets. Each package was created to provide success. Our domination package is our most comprehensive and can provide immediate SEO results once we have launched your new website. In order to identify the best package we need to know the competitive landscape of your industry, keyword difficulty, research the top 10 competitors for the most competitive keywords, and finally how quick do you want to see results? The more competitive the industry the longer it can take to rank but if we have the available budget our clients can see results much quicker.