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Technology has made huge strides in recent years, making the competition between businesses small and large fierce. To get on the map today, you must have a solid web presence and ranking on the first page of search engines just doesn't cut it anymore. Studies reveal that if you really want to be at the top of your game, you need to be in the top three search engine results for primary keywords in your niche. While this is certainly a tall order, it's far from impossible with the right SEO strategies.

Mobile is Changing Search Engine Dynamics

Today's consumers are looking to the web more than ever before for information about local businesses. In fact, a large percentage of potential customers will look up a business online before they ever consider visiting their brick and mortar establishment. If your business isn't at the forefront of local searches, you run the risk of losing many of your customers to your competitors.

Some thought provoking facts from Search Engine Land show:

  • Potential customers search for the phone number, location, hours of operation and driving directions of a business online first.
  • 88% of potential customers say that web-based reviews are more helpful than recommendations by friends and family.
  • Ads are far from played out: 67% of potential customers said that they prefer to see locally based ads. 61% of potential customers use the phone number and address listed in company ads, and 68% of potential customers click buttons for directions and to “call now.”
  • 50% of potential customers who find a company with their mobile device only wait a single day before visiting the business.

These statistics illustrate the absolute importance of being seen in local searches, but many business owners wonder just how they can achieve such a large feat on their own. The truth is, you can't. You need expert help.

Cutting Edge Salt Lake City SEO

At Tactical SEO Consulting, we provide cutting edge Salt Lake City SEO for businesses the most populated city in Utah and surrounding areas. Google says yes, you do need SEO, and we understand how this unique sector of digital marketing works; after all, we do SEO and we do it well. Avoid spending your marketing budget and time working with inexperienced or cheap SEO companies. While it may seem like a great deal on the surface, the truth is that there are many hidden costs that could hurt you more in the long run. Namely, black hat SEO, Google penalties that keep you from getting ranked, and link spam.

Tactical SEO Consulting uses the latest SEO techniques to help your Salt Lake City business rank in local and national searches, getting your company in front of your potential customers and increasing your leads. Reach out to us today for more information about why you need great SEO and how we can help.

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