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Times are changing quickly and so is technology. If you want to go head to head with your competitors, ranking on the first page of search engines simply isn't enough anymore. Statistics are showing that for businesses to have an actionable presence in the digital world, they need to be in one of the top three positions of search engine results. If you know anything about SEO already, you might be thinking such a tall order is impossible, but with the right SEO tools, it most certainly is not.

Customers Aren't Looking in the Yellow Pages Anymore

Forget phone books — today's consumers can find just about everything they need online with a smartphone, tablet, or computer, including companies they want to do businesses with. Rest assured that your customers are looking for your local search listing and your website before they ever walk through your door. If your business doesn't show up in searches, chances are your potential customers will choose another business instead.

Some eye-opening facts from Search Engine Land show:

  • Users look primarily for a business' hours of operation, phone number, location, and driving directions when searching for a business on the Internet.
  • 88% of consumers suggest that online reviews are more trustworthy than personal recommendations.
  • Ads are important: 67% of consumers reported that they want to see local ads based on their city and zip code. 61% of consumers use the address and phone number in business ads, and 68% of consumers use the “Get Directions” or “Call Now” buttons.
  • 50% of consumers who find a business with their mobile phone visit the establishment within a single day. one day. 

These acts go a long way to show that it's crucial to get your business at the forefront of local searches, but it leaves many businesses wondering just how exactly to achieve that.

Cutting Edge Phoenix SEO

At Tactical SEO Consulting, we offer cutting edge Phoenix SEO strategies for companies in the capital of Arizona and surrounding areas. We know that SEO is an important part of getting your business noticed by consumers in your area and increasing your sales volume (yes, you do need SEO according to Google). Don't waste your time and hard earned revenue hiring inexperienced, cheap SEO companies. Although the up-front cost may be less, there are a number of hidden costs to working with entities who aren't above using black hat techniques or who will simply garner you link spam and Google penalties.

Tactical SEO Consulting uses time tested tactics and white-hat SEO techniques to help your Phoenix company rank, getting your business seen by potential customers and increasing your leads. Contact us today for more information about why you need great SEO and how we can help.

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