Denver PPC

A well-designed pay-per-click (PPC) platform is a powerful tool that can drive significant new web traffics to your site. Moreover, a properly executed PPC campaign can pay for itself with the increased revenue generated from targeted visitors. The key to ensuring that your PPC marketing strategy will be a good investment for your business is finding the right marketing partner. At Tactical SEO Consulting, we have the expertise necessary to optimize your PPC efforts. Our PPC experts will apply Tactical SEO Consulting's proprietary techniques and proven strategies to your campaign in order to provide your business with the best possible results.

Tactical SEO Consulting's Methods

Tactical SEO Consulting combines their expertise in market analysis, custom advertisement copy creation, and robust keyword selection with PPC-specific techniques in order to produce effective PPC platforms for our clients.


Users who have previously visited your site without making a purchase are an extremely important and potentially lucrative target group. Through remarketing, you can aim advertising efforts directly at this group by crafting relevant ads to be shown to previous visitors when they perform a Google search.

Remarketing can be very beneficial for increasing customers and revenue. Those users reached by remarketing are already familiar with your business and are in a position to make a purchase. Furthermore, your remarketing advertising can be tailored to particular users–for example, previous visitors who added an item to their shopping cart but did not complete a purchase–for increase efficacy. A successful remarketing campaign can be achieved by offering the correct incentives to each former visitor through a combination of image, text and video advertising

Affinity Groups

In the world of online marketing, web users who frequent the same categories of sites are termed affinity groups. For example, the set of users who shop for home decor online form an affinity group. Affinity groups are important in any PPC marketing campaign; by correctly identifying and targeting the affinity groups that overlap with your business' product offerings, you can focus your PPC dollars on users who have already demonstrated an interest in the type of products you sell.

How would a successful PPC platform use affinity groups? Imagine a website offering a new and relatively unknown brand of throw pillows. A strategic PPC campaign would correctly identify users who shop for home decor at popular websites such as Pottery Barn or West Elm as the proper affinity group for the website's products. From there, a PPC expert would be able to tailor advertisements so that the website offering the new line of throw pillows is presented to the existing customers of Pottery Barn and West Elm

In-Market Targeting

In-market targeting involves marketing efforts directed at potential customers who are currently or have recently shopped for, or researched products similar to those offered by your business. These customers may be prior visitors to your site, but in-market audiences are characterized specifically by their recent shopping and browsing patterns. In-market targeting can be a particularly effective PPC tactic as it aims to present your business' advertisements to users who have been visiting your competitors' websites.

As part of your PPC platform, in-market targeting can be a powerful tool for converting visitors into customers. Because of how an in-market audience is defined, targeting advertisements at this group of users helps bring your product to potential customers' attention at a critical point as they make a purchase decision. When combined with remarketing efforts, in-market targeting is a very cost-effective component of a PPC campaign.

Tactical SEO Consulting's Reporting Services

By employing data analytics and A/B split testing, Tactical SEO Consulting is able to track the efficacy of our clients' PPC campaigns. We are able to review this information in real-time in order to ensure that the PPC advertisements that we have created for your business are successfully increasing traffic to your website and providing a robust return on your investment.