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Technology is swiftly changing and for small businesses to go toe to toe with their competitors, it's not enough to be ranked on the first page of search engines anymore. Studies are showing that in order to have a solid presence in the digital world, companies need to be ranking in the first three positions of search listings. That may seem like a tall order, but with the right SEO strategy, it's more than achievable.

Ever Increasing Use of Digital Devices to Find Companies Online

More consumers than ever before are using digital devices like mobile smartphones, tablets, and laptops to find information about businesses before ever setting foot in their doors. Chances are, if your business doesn't have an easily visible online presence, potential customers will choose your competitors over you every time. Some interesting facts from Search Engine Land show:

  • The location, phone number, hours of operation, driving directions, and online reviews are what users primarily look for when searching for a business online.
  • 88% of consumers report that they trust online reviews more than in-person, word-of-mouth recommendations, which were once thought to be the bread and butter of a business' marketing.
  • Ads matter: 67% of users surveyed expressed a desire to see locally based advertisements that are customized to their zip code and city. 61% of users make use of the phone number and address displayed in the ad, and 68% of users click “Call Now” or “Get Directions” buttons.
  • Local searches lead 50% of visitors using a smartphone browser to visit the establishments they find during their search within one day. 

These statistics illustrate how getting your business visible in local searches absolutely crucial to your success, but it begs the question: just what exactly do you have to do in order to get there?

Cutting Edge Las Vegas SEO

At Tactical SEO Consulting, we offer cutting edge Las Vegas SEO tactics for businesses in the City of Lights and surrounding areas. We understand the role SEO plays in getting local businesses noticed and increasing their sales volumes (yes, you really do need SEO according to Google). It's also worth noting that attempting to manage SEO and social media yourself or through a cheap company rarely pays off: there are a lot of hidden costs associated with hiring an inexperienced SEO firm, including 404 errors, link spam, and massive Google penalties that keep you from ranking despite your best efforts.

Tactical SEO Consulting utilizes known strategies and white-hat SEO techniques to help your Las Vegas business rank, getting your company seen by potential customers and increasing your leads. Contact us today for more information about why you need great SEO and how we can help.

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