Homefix Case Study

We Increase their keywords in the 1-3 position from 4 keywords to 15 keywords in 3 months.

Solid Online Presence

Homefix in Colorado Springs is one of the largest home remodeling and roofing companies in the area. They already had a solid SEO strategy but want to get more keywords at the top of page 1. What most clients don’t understand is that being on page one is not good enough. If you want to get your phone ringing you need to be at the #1 position on page one since the CTR (click through rate) is 30% vs. 9% at the #3 position.

Our Solution

Since Homefix was ranking well nationally for very broad keywords. We wanted to ensure that consumers in their local market could find them at the top organically. We wanted to also rank their Google my Business page to increase exposure on a local level. Our strategy:

  • Created a new custom website to emphasize their top services.
  • Cleaned up their link profile. They had some spammy links that had been developed.
  • Cleaned up their local directory and citation listing.
  • We provided Link outreach and influencer marketing to help increase link quality.
  • Created monthly press releases and content to help increase relevancy and authority of their brand.

Within 3 months we were able to rank them at the top of Google for their top remodeling services. We not only moved their local keywords to the top but we were able to rank their Google my Business page which has had a profound impact on their local traffic. Learn how Tactical SEO Consulting can fast track your website to the top of Google! Call our team today at 719.358.3613 for a Free SEO Consultation!


The Results


Increase in traffic

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