Denver seo expert

Denver SEO Expert

Denver, Colorado is truly one of the best places to live, play, and work in the United States. It is also an extremely competitive place to conduct business. Perhaps you set up shop here for that very reason. If so, we like your style. We also want to help. My name is Mike Barnwell Owner and chief SEO strategist at Tactical SEO Consulting. I am a Denver SEO expert focused on transparency and the success of your business.

You do want transparency in your search of increasing success, right?

We have a passion for helping Denver small businesses, medium-sized business, and even large businesses improve their market share. Maybe it's the Bronco spirit in our DNA, but we love helping our clients crush their competition.

So what are we good at, how can we help you grow your business, and how our results measurable?

We Are Exceptional at Getting Leads, Prospects, and Customers Funneled to You

With Tactical SEO Consulting, you don't have to worry about “acquiring” leads and prospects. We do that for you. We use proven tactics and strategies to get you not only noticed, but to deliver your message to your targeted audience. Can we “sell” these prospects? Perhaps. But quite frankly, that's not our goal. We commit ourselves to delivering a quality stream of prospects and potential clients so your team can seal the deal.

What Makes Us Different?

Look, we're not going to boast about, or try to sell you some “secret sauce”.  The fact is, our team of SEO engineers have decoded Google's algorithm which allows us to provide positive results month after month. We know exactly what Google is looking for to make your site rank well.  We know what we do works and are so convinced of it, we only offer our services to one client per geo specific industry. We understand that means leaving money on the table, but we simply don't want to compete with ourselves or have our clients competing with each other. We also happen to believe it is the honest thing to do. You will have the full resources of our team working to help you crush the competition in your area in your industry.

We are not looking for clients who will “give us a try”. What we are looking for are clients in serious search of internet success and are willing to commit with us to achieve it.

Full Transparency and Accountability

You will absolutely love this.

We hold ourselves accountable for every tactical maneuver we make on the internet on your behalf. In other words, when you become a partner with us, we”ll provide you with detailed reports on what we are doing and how it is impacting your traffic and ultimately your sales. No technical psychobabble. No “just trust us” emails. We show you exactly what we are doing and the results of our actions. Why is this so innovative? Because nobody else wants to subject themselves to being so transparent and accountable. At Tactical SEO Consulting, we embrace transparency.

The Bottom Line

  • We accept only one client per business category per geographic location.
  • We develop a strategic marketing plan for your specific business in that industry.
  • Our entire team focuses on the success of our client in their industry.
  • We transparently report the results of our actions and make adjustments accordingly.

Whether your goal is increased visibility locally or nationally or if you are targeting a specific market segment, put our team to work for you. We are Tactical SEO Consulting and we invite you to contact us for a FREE, no-obligation consultation today.

The more you know, the more likely it is you will choose Tactical SEO Consulting.

Mike Barnwell, Owner & Chief SEO Strategist

719.358.3613 – (My Direct Line)

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